International Customer Experience Manager (m/f/d)


About the Company

We are building Europe’s leading healthcare platform solving unspeakable challenges to our wellbeing.

Yes - we are talking about those glitches to our health that all of us are occasionally facing and that could be treated easily. Yet they often seem as insurmountable barrier in our minds and lives due to their sensitive nature. That’s why we’ve brought together doctors, pharmacists, business minds and engineers to build anew healthcare system that overcomes barriers and makes the complicated simple. Together we offer effective and discreet solutions for everyone. In the end it can all be so easy.

We are now looking for hands-on additions to our team based in the center of Munich. Join us now and leave your fingerprint on the healthcare model of the future. Deliver your part in helping millions of adults to eventually enjoy the healthy lives they deserve.

The Role of

International Customer Experience Manager (m/f/d)

We redefine the way patients experience healthcare: we turn complex medical solutions into a simple customer-oriented product from one end to the other. We therefore embrace technology to offer easy access to effective medical solutions in line with our actual customers’ needs. Shaping this consumer-centric healthcare experience is the task of our CX-team. We track our customers’ journey across all touchpoints in order to turn data and customer insights into result-oriented action. We identify customer preferences in order to define the winning initiatives that turn customer experience into customer satisfaction and customer love. We manage high-value projects with cross-functional teams to create a disruptive product experience aligned with just one overarching goal: improve our customers’ lives no matter what!

Your responsibilities would include...

  • Analyzing business intelligence (BI) data and qualitative customer insights to identify relevant CX projects
  • Managing CX projects across different customer touch points with cross-functional teams (e.g. designers, operations analysts & content writers)
  • Hitting NPS and other CX goals while being mindful of our brand and user experience as well as regulatory requirements
  • Setting up our end-to-end customer experience touch point tracking system together with the tech, BI/MI and customer insights teams
  • Establishing reporting standards with the CX team as well as the company management team

Chances are, you’re a great fit if you...

  • Gathered 1-2 years of practical experience in startups, e-commerce, consumer goods, healthcare or other high-performance environments with a strong focus on project management
  • Studied in an area related to the context - preferably in the fields of business, marketing or economics and demonstrated outstanding academic performance
  • Own a strong commitment to excellence, e.g. by working in a dynamic environment such as consulting, consumer goods, venture capital or VC-backed startups
  • Have proven leadership skills and know how to influence groups of people with facts rather than opinions
  • Own exceptional analytical skills and are able to solve complex problems by turning data insights into meaningful action that you deliver
  • Show healthy ambition as a committed team player with strong passion for winning
  • Are fluent in English and German
  • Have experience with Tableau or other data analysis/visualization/BI tools is a +

Great, but what’s in it for you...

  • The opportunity to shape the future of healthcare
  • The exciting and meaningful opportunity to build a company in one of the hottest topics in the venture world
  • A competitive salary with additional perks
  • Small team with diverse backgrounds (P&G, BCG, McKinsey, Flix, Holtzbrinck Ventures, Silicon Valley, Lazard, Cinven)
  • 7-digit funding from top VCs and Business Angels to move fast and powerfully
  • A job in the heart of Munich

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